IDF member since
Number of members
Faravohitra Ambony, Enceinte Foibe, Frenji PO 3097, Antananariva, 1010, Madagascar


A.MA.DIA (Association Malgache contre le Diabète) was created in 1983 by Professeur Rakoto Ratsimamanga and Ramahandridona Georges, thanks to the Lions Club Antananarivo Doyen.

Main Focus

  • To promote diabetes awareness and screening
  • To promote the care of people with diabetes
  • Diabetes Education
  • To promote the creation of local antennas

Message from the President

Prof. Ramahandridona “Being a member of the IDF is essential for AMADIA . From this membership, we gain all the basics that drive our survival: international recognition; global visibility; a network which permits us to share our problems, our solutions – unity is strength; dealing with the specific nightmares that haunt the lives of people with diabetes living in a poor country; the warmth of medicine focused on the patient and culture. Our greatest wish is that this collaboration with IDF continues for a long time”.