Number of members
101 rue Lamothe, BP 574, Brazzaville


Diabaction Congo was established in 2001.

Main Focus

  • To create a chain of active solidarity
  • To produce and promote projects related to the fight against diabetes


The Association is very active and undertakes a range of activities. Here are some examples :

  • Creation of Centres across the country for primary and secondary prevention of diabetes, diabetes counselling, education and training, provision of medicines
  • Performing advanced specialized medical consultations
  • Screening for diabetes in urban and rural areas
  • Creation and promotion of physical activity (walking, cycling)
  • Monitoring of people at risk for diabetes
  • Lecture and discussion on a range of topics such as nutrition, complications of diabetes, obesity prevention
  • Training of diabetes educators (using Conversation Maps)
  • Regular production of therapeutic education group sessions (Conversation Maps)
  • Awareness of diabetes at school;
  • Creation of “Diabetes Village” at Square de Gaulle in Brazzaville
  • Creation of a Health Caravan
  • Implementation of various projects on diabetes and childen
  • Establishment of summer camps for children with diabetes. Establishment of a specialised diabetes education section (Blue Hall) in the Department of Metabolic Diseases BUH Brazzaville.
  • Training of midwives on gestational diabetes
  • Training of diabetes health workers to strengthen the capacity of health centres
  • Creation of a registry for epidemiological surveillance of diabetes
  • Celebration of World Diabetes Day