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Rwanda Diabetes Association is a private organization founded in 1997 with the aim of improving the well being of the diabetes patients in Rwanda and of joining the global efforts to advocate and help people with diabetes.

During the last 12 years Rwanda Diabetes Association together with its partners dispensed care to people with diabetes in Rwanda and other patients within its clinic, provided information on diabetes management, trained health professionals, advocated for diabetics in Rwanda and abroad, pro-acted for diabetes treatement innovations, created a network between diabetes care stakeholders, looked for indigenious diabetics and gave help, etc.

Vision: An environment whereby nobody us dying of diabetes.

Main Focus

  • To prevent and treat diabetes and its complications
  • To educate and mobilize the population of Rwanda to diabetes awareness
  • To undertake research and promote the welfare of people living with diabetes
  • To advocate and partner with the government, national and international organisations in the fight against diabetes


The Rwanda Diabetes Association, together with its national and international partners including Ministry of Health of Rwanda, International Diabetes Federation, Insulin For Life, Life For A Child, World Diabetes Foundation, Insulin Zum Leben, Beyond Type 1, University of Pittsburgh and Marjorie’s, has:

  • Dispensed care to people with diabetes in Rwanda and other patients within its clinics and government hospitals.
  • Provided information on diabetes management.
  • Trained health professionals.
  • Advocated for diabetes in Rwanda and abroad.
  • Created a network between diabetes care stakeholders.