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Diabetes in Asia Study Group is a non-profit organization formed in 2006 that aims to promote awareness of diabetes, encourage diabetes research, promote knowledge exchange and foster advocacy within the Asia region. The Group is a continuation of the Diabetes in Asia Conferences that were launched in 1999.

Individuals within the fields of diabetes care, research, and advocacy are eligible for membership of DASG.

Main Focus

Objectives of DASG:

  • Holding periodic meetings and conferences.
  • Conducting studies to characterise the state of diabetes within Asia.
  • Promoting the publication of activities and guidelines.
  • Active involvement of governments and non-governmental organizations.
  • Seeking active collaboration with national and international groups, such as IDF and WHO.
  • Encouraging the development of human resources to increase the capacity to tackle diabetes in Asia

Publications & Newsletters

Journal of Diabetology (JOD) is the official journal of DASG. It was started in 2010 as a peer-reviewed journal with 3 issues published annually.

Available at https://www.journalofdiabetology.org/.

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