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House 191, Shahid Square, Shahr-e-Naw Kabul, Afghanistan


A group of Afghan physicians with the support of Novo Nordisk established the Afghanistan Diabetes Association (AfDA) in 2005.

For the first time all stakeholders of diabetes control and management have gathered under AfDA for the best possible control, diagnosis and treatment of diabetes in Afghanistan. With the establishment of a democratic and elected government in Afghanistan, the need for the establishment of an association for control and care of diabetes became a top priority.

AfDA is a non-governmental, non-political and national organisation registered as a legal entity with the Afghan Ministry of Justice (registeration number 286 dated March 2005). The aim of AfDA is to bring all stakeholders of diabetes control and care in Afghanistan under one flag and to become the flagship in the battle against diabetes in Afghanistan. This association belongs to everyone in Afghanistan. This is not just for doctors, pharmacists or health workers, AfDA belongs to the patients as well. The Board of Directors of AfDA consists of 11 doctors and hundreds of people with diabetes have become members of AfDA.

Main Focus

  • To create public awareness
  • To provide training to healthcare professionals
  • To help the Afghan Ministry of Public Health in creating a strategy to fight diabetes in Afghanistan


Public awareness on diabetes to all ethnic groups in Afghanistan through mass media, pamphlets, leaflets, seminars and workshops.

Working closely with Afghan Ministry of Health to include diabetes in the basic health package.

Coordination of diabetes care and control in Afghanistan.

Massive public awareness on the prevalence, diagnosis, treatment, and complications of diabetes in Afghanistan. The public awareness programmes include awareness on obesity, dietary modifications and emphasis on exercise. Public awareness programmes also include recognition of early symptoms and emphasis on prevention of diabetes rather than treatment.


One important aspect of AfDA activity is the provision of training possibilities for Afghan doctors in-country and overseas. AfDA is very keen to establish links with other Diabetes Associations in other countries and to make sure that AfDA will become a full and active member of the international community dealing with various aspects of diabetes care and control in Afghanistan.