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Gabric Diabetes Education Association, #4, 16th street, Khaled Eslamboli Ave, Argentina Sq, Tehran, 15117, Iran


The Gabric Diabetes Education Association (GDEA) is an Iranian NGO founded in 2006 by a young diabetes entrepreneur and key endocrinologists, with the support of benefactors, dedicated to improving the lives of people with diabetes.

Gabric is the name of a river and a protected area located in the central part of Bandar Jask city, Hormozgan province.

Our vision is to build a future where diabetes is not a threat or worry for anyone, but an opportunity to move towards health and self-fulfilment.

Main Focus

  • Provide diabetes self-care counselling and education for people with diabetes
  • Support and charitable services for people with diabetes in need
  • Public information and diabetes prevention education
  • Health care professionals education in the field of diabetes management
  • Advocating for people with diabetes