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Makassed Center - 4th floor, Mar Elias street, Beirut, Lebanon


The Lebanese Diabetes Association (LDA ) was established on 1981, It is a non-profit organisation affiliated to the International Diabetes Federation since 2000, dedicated to the prevention of and better care for people with diabetes. LDA is managed by Board of Trustees comprising representatives from the Lebanese Physicians and Lebanese community elected and founding members.

Main Focus

  • To inform and update GPs on the latest medical diabetes guidelines
  • To motivate the GPs to follow the guidelines in treating patients with diabetes
  • To enhance the multidisciplinary approach in the follow up of the people with diabetes
  • To decrease the acute and long term complications of people with diabetes and keep diabetes under control


LDA is increasing the efforts in order to achieve all her goals and help in benefiting diabetic patients in Lebanon through increasing their awareness and contributing in providing the best care possible 

  •  Extensive national activities in the field of diabetes including patients and HCPs education and training together of holding  international conferences in addition to many satellites and local meetings with patients, physicians, nurses and diabetes educators in Lebanon.
  •  Member of the Disaster Committee of the International Diabetes Federation IDF
  •  Diabetes Care Center in Saida in 2003 in response to an IDF initiative to establish centers of diabetes care which follow the IDF guidelines and help achieving the IDF objectives of educating patients and health care workers through education and training courses
  • WHO Activities:
  • On 1996 he was appointed as a member of the WHO Technical Advisory Group on Diabetes Guidelines (Beit eddine Workshop).
  • NCD Activities
  •  Founder  of the National Diabetes Program(MOH ) in Lebanon(2006
  • Since that time, he personally participated in Regional and Global activities and workshops in most MENA Countries

Publications & Newsletters

Last publication:
“The Status of Insulin Access in Middle East-North Africa Region”.
JOD_114_22 and JOD_117_22 articles
– Accessibility and Availability of Insulin: A Survey by
International Diabetes Federation-Middle East and North Afric
Journal of Diabetology ¦ Volume XX ¦ Issue XX ¦ XXXX-XXXX 2022
Availability and Accessibility of Diabetes Related Technologies in MENA Region
6 jod_117_22 Availability and Accessibility of Diabetes Related Technologies in MENA Region Original Article Reviewer comments awaited/ Diabetes Care