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Al-Thuraya Building, 4th floor, P.O.Box 1498, 31952 Al-Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


The inception of the Saudi Diabetes & Endocrine Association (SDEA) started about 28 years ago in 1985 as the brain child of Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Turki. At the time it was called the “Diabetic Club”. He had a dream of raising awareness about diabetes to help prevent it as well as improve the quality of controlling it among those inflicted by it. It was met with great support by the members: physicians, healthcare educators, and dietitians.

The association was later officially recognized by the Ministry of Social Affairs as “Saudi Diabetes & Endocrine Association”.

Its membership includes patients, healthcare providers (physicians, educators, dietitians, businesspersons, and volunteers).


Supporting application of best practices of care and prevention of diabetes and Endocrine related diseases.


Empower people with diabetes and other Endocrine diseases to adopt healthy lifestyles


Various clubs to promote sharing of knowledge and distribution of educational materials.

A website in Arabic and English with various interactive tools to educate the local community and communicate with people with diabetes and associations around the world. The website has useful educational materials for children, adults and seniors and important guidelines for all Muslims living with diabetes.

The SDEA celebrates World Diabetes Day every year and conducts several educational functions for medical staff, media experts, decision makers, governmental and non-governmental leaders, industry and the public.

Publications & Newsletters

SDEA is very active in providing periodic electronic and papers publications in Arabic and English to help spread educational materials to the public to  support them in adopting healthy styles to combat obesity, diabetes and related conditions.

Message from the President

Dr. Abdulaziz Ali Alturki “The SDEA has been active member of the IDF for many years and established a productive and fruitful partnership with IDF and its country members. Through IDF, we have connected with many diabetes societies worldwide and learned a lot from their experiences and initiatives in preventing diabetes, obesity and other related health problems. We recognise and appreciate the role of IDF in enhancing diabetes awareness worldwide and will continue our journey of fighting diabetes and its chronic illnesses on the short, intermediate and long term.