Number of members
P.O.Box 1377, The Valley, Anguilla, AI2640, Anguilla


The Anguilla Diabetes Association was established July 1992 by a few concerned citizens and a doctor after observing that more persons were being diagnosed with diabetes. They also wanted to learn more about diabetes.

Main Focus

  • To promote interest in diabetes
  • To help assist in the management of diabetes
  • To educate the community about diabetes prevention and management
  • To advocate for people with diabetes


  • Health Fairs
  • Screening of staff at – Banks, Social Security, Post Office, Schools, Taxi Ports, Churches and other NGO’s
  • Walk-A-Tons
  • Interactive meetings with Guest Speakers
  • Radio, Newspaper addresses
  • Diabetes Night Light
  • Diabetes Education with people with diabetes and their families

Message from the President

The Anguilla Diabetes Association continues to aspire to the vision and goals of the International Diabetes Federation by promoting healthy lifestyles and supportive diabetes management. The general support, guidance, training and networking opportunities are some of the benefits derived from being a member of IDF.

As a result of this association with IDF, persons living with diabetes, their families and communities can enjoy a more meaningful, productive, informed life while managing their diabetes with up to date available resources.”