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54 Main Street, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands


The British Virgin Islands Diabetes Association was established in 1979, as a follow-up to a Patient Education Workshop on Diabetes, held by a team from PAHO and CAREC along with the Nutrition Department from Trinidad.

The Association is affiliated with the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), the American Diabetes Association (ADA), the North American & Caribbean Region Diabetes Association and the Diabetes Association of the Caribbean.

The BVI Diabetes Association resource center is named after founding member and Medical Advisor from its inception to her passing in 2009. It is called the Dr. Jana Downing Diabetes Resource Center.


To promote Diabetes prevention and care, by addressing the challenges facing the community by creating avenues to address diabetes complications, and to represent every one with diabetes by taking a proactive approach and educate those who care for them focusing on the need for a complete change to a healthier lifestyle .


Educate the community on Diabetes care, prevention and complications, thereby promoting better healthcare and encourage healthy lifestyles.

Main Focus

  • To promote interest in diabetes and provide education and information for diabetics and their families thereby promoting better health and happier lives for diabetics, and otherwise assist diabetics in the management of their condition and encourage their families to become involved with the management of diabetes.
  • To contribute to the improvement of health, the prevention of the disease and the mitigation of suffering by programs of training and services for the benefit of the community, adapted to national and local needs and circumstances.
  • To get professionals involved to assist with recruiting, training and assigning such personnel as necessary for the discharge of its responsibilities
  • To provide a forum where diabetics can come together for mutual support and encouragement
  • To promote the participation of young people in the work of the Association.


The Association continues to be very active within the community by undertaking a number of activities by providing free Blood Sugar and Pressure Screening, weight management and counselling for both diabetics and their care givers. Diabetes supplies are sold at cost but there are those who are unable to purchase them therefore they are given free supplies as funds permit.

Meetings / workshops are held where medical practitioners, nutritionist, diabetes educators, physical educators and other pertinent persons in the community are invited as guest speaker at these meetings.

Throughout the year the Association provides manpower and supplies to other organizations requesting assistance through health fairs. “Diabetes in the Work Place” is well received by the business community and would request the assistance of the Association to educate and conduct screenings in work places.

“Project healthy Lifestyles” are done in schools where a team made up of diabetes educators, nutritionist & health educators visit schools in the community to teach healthy lifestyles, all through the year but increased visits are done during November and on World Diabetes Day 14th November, additional activities are planned for the youth.

Fundraisers are a major part of our activities; these are done in an effort to raise funds to assist the community and the effective running of the Association.