Number of members
281 Busch Avenue, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, 00000, Bolivia


Centro Médico Susan Hou is a free medical clinic in eastern Bolivia, 72 miles outside Santa Cruz. We aim to provide quality medical care and health services for the surrounding communities. The Daniels Hamant Foundation manages and funds the clinic, relying on private donations. The clinic receives massive support from volunteer physicians and healthcare workers from the US and Bolivia.

Main Focus

  • Enhance community health and quality of life by offering high-quality healthcare
  • Promote public health education and engagement
  • Provide an opportunity for volunteers to learn about Bolivian culture and healthcare practices


Our work benefits rural communities by providing free medical care and preventing and treating diabetes and its complications. In addition, we work in education, advocacy and medical care for non-communicable diseases.

Message from the President

The Daniels Hamant Foundation, through its Susan Hou “Centro Médico” is a community medical clinic located in the rain forest in eastern Bolivia, 72 miles outside of Santa Cruz, the largest city in the country.

Our goal is to improve the health and overall quality of life of the surrounding communities by providing first-rate medical care and other health services. It is the only free medical clinic in the surrounding 40,000 person area.

With the support of dedicated volunteers and private funding, Centro Médico has been able to attend to the population’s medical needs since its inception.

Our major goals at CMSH are to:

Improve the health and overall quality of life of the surrounding communities by providing continuous, first-rate, free healthcare.
Engage the people in their healthcare through public health education and projects.