Number of members
Avda. Simón López, 375 entre J. García y Washington, Cochabamba, 0000, Bolivia


The Vivir con Diabetes Comprehensive Care Center is a non-profit institution, established in the city of Cochabamba in 2000. It has a recognized legal status with the objective of improving the quality of life of people with diabetes.

By determination of October 22, 2001, the Government of the City of Cochabamba through Resolution Nº 362/OI recognized the legal entity of the Non-Governmental Organization called “Vivir con Diabetes” Center, with registered office in the city of Cochabamba, approving its statutes in the 37 Articles and Rules with 45 Articles.

Main Focus

  • To form a multi-disciplinary team to provide their expertise and knowledge with everyone involved in diabetes, starting with people with diabetes and their families.
  • To make available medication and self-control supplies to people with diabetes, scientific information and that this gets to health personnel at all levels.
  • To design and publish educational and information materials for people with diabetes and the general population
  • To design and implement educational programs on various topics related to health and especially in the field of chronic non-communicable diseases.
  • To plan and implement education programs for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
  • To design and implement screening campaigns, information and guidance on diabetes for the general population

Message from the President

Our diabetes centre Vivir con Diabetes is a nonprofit institution dedicated entirely to providing comprehensive care for people living with diabetes in Bolivia. In 2006 we became a member of the International Diabetes Federation, and since then, we have worked with enthusiasm and dedication following IDF guidance. We have a multidisciplinary team of Comprehensive Care in Diabetes, doing clinical work, prevention, early diagnosis and supporting people with diabetes with no economic resources. We offer diabetes education for people with diabetes and health professionals. It is an honour to be part of the International Diabetes Federation and we work to make IDF proud.”