Number of members
Barrio Ariel Darce, Hospital Infantil Manuel de Jesús Rivera la Mascota, Distrito 5, Managua, 11001, Nicaragua


The Asociación de Padres de Niños y Jóvenes Diabéticos de Nicaragua was founded in 1992.

The Association comprises of more than 1000 children and young people with type 1 diabetes at nationally. It works in various areas of diabetes education within the Hospital Manuel de Jesus Rivera La Mascota; as well as in recreational activities and with the support of some public institutions.




The association conducts the following activities during the year:

  • Mini Hospital Olympics (March/April) involving children and young people living with diabetes and other chronic conditions
  • Medical symposia
  • Fundraising activities
  • Medical congress and forum in November
  • World Diabetes Day activities

Message from the President

As President of the Association, it is a very arduous task, but for the love of all our children and young people with diabetes it is worthwhile to continue fighting for a better quality of life. And at the same time to continue looking for alliances between associations to learn new methods and teachings that facilitate a happier life and improve quality of life.

Aura Auxiliadora Cuadra Jimenez