Number of members
Estatua de Montoya 1 cuadra al Norte, 2 cuadras al Oeste y 50 metros al Sur. Casa 22, Managua, Managua, 12049, Nicaragua


The Fundación Nicaragüense de Diabetes (Nicaraguan Diabetes Foundation – FND) is a private non-profit organisation with legal status since December 2001.

Its mission is to educate to prevent, detect and control diabetes in Nicaragua.

The Foundation works to promote the integration of people with diabetes using education as a tool to prevent complications.

Main Focus

The association has two main areas of focus:

  • Training of health promoters in basic diabetes education through courses on topics related to good diabetes management and other chronic diseases.
  • Twice-weekly radio programmes aimed at people with diabetes and the general public on prevention, proper management, complications, healthy lifestyles, physical activity, etc.