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Colegio Médico del Estado Miranda, Av El Golf, Qta 76, El Bosque, 1050 Caracas, Venezuela


Federación Nacional de Asociaciones y Unidades de Diabetes (FENADIABETES) is a non-profit association formed by all diabetes associations in Venezuela and by any persons or institutions interested and involved in the fight against diabetes throughout the national territory.

Main Focus

FENADIABETES aims to promote diabetes prevention, care and education through programmes aimed at the general public, diabetes patients and their families. The organization is the main advocator for demanding free treatment and care of people with diabetes.


  • Endorse national diabetes education and prevention programme
  • Organization of a national annual education meeting
  • Organization of an international biannual diabetes education conference for health professionals.
  • Organization of cultural activities that will enhance the organization´s programme
  • Endorse other similar diabetes organizations in the country.

Message from the President

Because we have similar goals than IDF, it is an honor to be part of an internationally renowned institution formed by associations of paramedics, patients and many members of society who are involved in diabetes education and counselling. IDF provides us with scientific reports and the opportunity of participating in their World Diabetes Congress every two years by fully covering our participation.”