Number of members
50, Sarana Mawatha, Rajagiriya, Western Province, 10100, Sri Lanka


The Diabetes Association of Sri Lanka (DASL) was established in 1984 as a non-governmental organisation in Parliament by Act no: 1 of 1992. It is also registered as a charitable organisation with the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Social Services.

The headquarters of the DASL was built in 1995 on property leased out by the Government of Sri Lanka where a centre of excellence the National Diabetes Centre (NDC) was established in Rajagiriya.

Mission: Care Prevention and Cure: Go beyond Borders

Main Focus

  • Single Visit Screening Program for Complications of Diabetes – secondary prevention type 2 Diabetes
  • Insulin Bank – Care and prevention of complication of Type 1 Diabetes which included day and residential camps.
  • Wellness programme – Primary prevention Type 2 Diabetes
  • Laboratory services – In situ supervised by a consultant Pathologist
  • Social Marketing of Diabetes: Education and Awareness Programme
  • Advocacy and Policy planning– Govt/NGO


Education and Awareness

Direct and indirect education and awareness programmes are conducted through interactive presentations , Q & A sessions, screening for risk factor  where persons at risk are counselled to prevent illness on individualized basis in the community and at workplaces. The methodology used is evidence based on  “Diabrisk-sl” a IDF Bridges programme. Awareness is also enhanced through electronic, social and printed media on regular basis.


This programme is a translational programme stemming from our research project “Diabrisk-sl” which was started in 2008. This programme is designed for normal individuals or persons ‘at-risk’ where biochemical and clinical assessments are made together with anthropometry. Persons with risk factors are then followed up by a medical officer with life style modification advice on a regular basis.

Insulin Bank

The Insulin Bank (IB), the bank for economically challenged persons living with type 1 diabetes (PLWT1D) was inaugurated on World Diabetes Day in November 1998. At present, the IB provides a total care package free of charge for 730 YPLWT1D. The service provided include supply of best quality insulin, 3 monthly assessment of Hba1C, annual assessment of complications, home glucose monitoring machines and accessories, medical and psychological counselling, nutritional support and guidance on lifestyle modification.  This project is funded through donations received from the general public and investment income of the DASL.


Message from the President

Prevalence of Type 2 diabetes is raising exponentially in SEAR where more and more young persons are affected as 50% are unaware that they have the illness. We, as a Association are focusing on prevention by increasing our awareness education and screening programmes. Main objective is to identify young diagnosed people and encourage them to reverse diabetes, for at least couple of years, through an aggressive programme of low calorie diet and other prevention interventions. Further, there are new medications that can prevent the onset of type 1 diabetes for persons at risk.