Number of members
PO Box 4928, Samabula, Suva, Fiji


Diabetes Fiji Inc. was formed and registered as a Charitable Trust in July 2012. It was founded to fill the vacuum, which had existed after the demise of its predecessor, the National Diabetes Foundation of Fiji, which was established in 1981. DFI is a member of International Diabetes Federation (IDF), whose mission is to promote diabetes care, prevention and cure worldwide. The Federation is engaged in action to tackle diabetes from local to global levels- from programs at community level

Main Focus

  • To encourage policy makers at the highest level to help create conducive environments for controlling Diabetes
  • To empower people with diabetes or at risk of diabetes with knowledge and other resources to manage/ control their conditions
  • To create awareness amongst care givers, relatives, friends and community to provide the needed support for people with diabetes.
  • To strengthen health care systems to provide appropriate, affordable and sustainable services to people with diabetes.
  • To educate communities on risk factors and advocate for healthier lifestyles to reduce the prevalence of diabetes
  • To act as an advocate for the General Diabetes Community


Since its registration, Diabetes Fiji has achieved the following:

  • Establishing the 3 Divisional Branches
  • Successfully applying for and getting approval for a 3 year project to improve footcare in Diabetics from WDF. This program starts in August 2013 and looks at capacity building in the health professional and the diabetic communities on footcare.
  • Participating in the IDF-WPR Annual Scientific Meeting in Kyoto, Japan with 7 members. This international exposure has been a most meaningful experience for all participants.
  • Succeeded in applying for and approval for the Lautoka Diabetes Hub to be declared as an IDF-WPR dedicated footcare clinic.
  • Participating in the production of a comprehensive Diabetes Management Guidelines for Fiji.

Screening Programmes:

Screening programs are organised with the diabetes hubs. Diabetes Fiji facilitates this through provision of consumables and providing personnel for workstations.

Message from the President

As a member of IDF, we have been able to access opportunities and networks which will facilitate Diabetes Fiji realise its goals. We are still in our infancy but we now have a cohesive group of proponents who are working tirelessly to achieve the desired goals”