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Rooms 2001-02, 20/F, Times Tower, 928-930 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Diabetes Hongkong is a registered charitable organization founded jointly by leading diabetes experts and people with diabetes in Hong Kong in 1996. Our mission is to serve all people with diabetes and their families, to promote social awareness and concern towards diabetes and to strive for optimal care and prevention of the disease.

Main Focus

  • To promote public awareness and improve understanding of diabetes via public education
  • To provide social and medical support for people with diabetes and their families
  • To provide continued education and training for health professionals involved in the delivery of diabetes care
  • To act as advocate for all people with diabetes and their families in Hong Kong
  • To liaise with other national and international diabetes associations for the exchange information and experience in diabetes care
  • To encourage research and safeguard standards of care in the management of diabetes


The Association is organising diabetic complications screening, regular public seminars on diabetes by healthcare professionals, Community Education Program, School-based Education Program for the Prevention of Obesity and Diabetes in Children, publication of newsletter-magazine on diabetes, Healthy Run, Diabetes Care Research Fund and training for healthcare professionals.

For World Diabetes Day, Diabetes HongKong is organising the following activities:

  • Walk for Diabetes (an annual walkathon event organized on/around the WDD with participation of about 1000 people with and without diabetes)
  • World Diabetes Day Supplement (a special publication on the theme of diabetes and the WDD attached to a local Chinese newspaper on 14 November)
  • Media activities (e.g. receiving interview at a live Chinese health-related radio program)

Publications & Newsletters

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Message from the President

By being a member of the IDF, we are able to maintain close connection with the global diabetes community by receiving updated news about the diabetes world. More importantly, we have the opportunity to exchange ideas and join hands with other diabetes communities all over the world in the fight against diabetes. We treasure all the various support from the IDF which is really helpful for our diabetes association.