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Japan Association for Diabetes Education and Care (JADEC) was established in 1961. It is composed of medical personnel and diabetic patients and their families, and has 1,600 local groups with almost 15,000 members.

The association is promoting a nationwide campaign for early detection of diabetes and education for the prevention of diabetes and its complications. The main activity is publication of various materials, such as “Sakae”, the official monthly journal, “Practice”, “Food Exchange Book”, “Guidance for Diabetic Treatment”, and a video library. Seminars and events are periodically held and useful aids for recuperation are also produced.


Main Focus

The Japan Association for Diabetes Education and Care (JADEC) has been pursuing its objectives of dissemination of knowledge about diabetes, diabetes education and investigative research, creation of an environment for standardizing treatment and introducing new medical care, as well as coalitions with overseas institutions through active exchanges.  To achieve the goal of contributing to public health promotion, 105,000 members of JADEC who include people with diabetes, and medical professionals, as well as other interested persons, general citizens, are working throughout Japan.

A approximately 20 million people in Japan now have diabetes or are at high risk for diabetes, there is mounting crisis of socio-economic loss caused by diabetes as well as  lowered people with diabetes quality of life and the government has taken various measures. The United Nation’s adoption of the UN Resolution on Diabetes to address the increasing number of diabetic patients throughout the world shows, a growing momentum to prevent and conquer diabetes with a globally concerted effort.

JADEC will continue its social responsibility, as leading force for these activities in Japan, both to prevent diabetes and improve medical care for people with diabetes.


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Message from the President

“As a member of the IDF, one can learn the development trend in diabetes around the world and put this acquired knowledge to use in Japan.  In addition, as a member of the WPR, one can participate in activities to reduce the number of people with diabetes in Asia. As a member of JADEC, it is something to be proud of.”