Number of members
Chingeltei district-1, West-Selbe street 17-1, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 976, Mongolia


Mongolian Diabetes Association (MDA) was established in 2003.

Mongolian Diabetes Association is a professional non-governmental organisation for people with diabetes. They stand up for interest of people with diabetes by campaigning for better standards of care and conducting research to improve diabetes care and prevention. They also provide an education and safety-net services to help people manage their diabetes better and are doing everything they can to empower, inform and support people leaving with diabetes.

Their mission is to prevent and care diabetes and to improve the lives of all people with diabetes. They fight diabetes across the country.

MDA is leading the fight against diabetes by supporting people with diabetes. They are supported in their efforts by a community-based network of volunteers, members, employees, health care professionals, researchers and partners. By providing education and services, advocating on behalf of people with diabetes, supporting research and translating research into practical applications, they are delivering on their mission.

Main Focus

  • To generate best environment for people with diabetes
  • To help people manage their diabetes better
  • To improve quality of life of people with diabetes
  • To act as a leader to raise awareness of diabetes


Health Education:

Mongolian Diabetes Association provides continuous medical education for health providers and healthy life style promotion training for people with and at risk of diabetes.

Screening Programmes:

Clinical practical guideline for the prevention and management of diabetes in Mongolia has developed. The national standard of diagnosis and treatment of diabetes has revised and approved by the Ministry of Health and National Commission for Standardisation. Screening Strategy of Diabetes early detection and MonDiab risk score were developed.


MDA funds national diabetes researches focused on diabetes education and intervention of risk factors, Stem cell treatment, analog insulin treatment

Message from the President

As a member of IDF, The Mongolian Diabetes Association is committed to helping and championing effective self-management for all people living with diabetes. In this respect, we work on behalf of people with diabetes to advance their concerns and affect public and private policy. MDA also funds leading research towards a cure and therapies that can improve the ability to live with the disease. In addition, we work with clinicians to describe best practices for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health care providers in the care of people with diabetes.

We were pleased to have a voice in the new policy development and that MDA’s concern for effective self-management on behalf of people with diabetes, and our CPGs were carefully considered in the shaping of the policy. We will continue to encourage both provincial health care bodies and private programs to recognise the significant long-term cost-benefit that results from effective self-management and responsible blood sugar level testing by people living with diabetes.”