Number of members
Lot 10 Section 35 Lawes Road, Waterfront, Konedobu, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, 111, Papua New Guinea


The Diabetic Association of Papua New Guinea was started in 1999. Lady Carol Kidu was the instigator for the first meeting. The Association aims to improve the lives of people with diabetes in Papua New Guinea.

Membership is open to people with diabetes, their relatives, health professionals, and any other interested persons.

Main Focus

  • To increase awareness of diabetes in Papua New Guinea so that more people with the disease are diagnosed, and prevention strategies become known and used.
  • To improve the medical care and access to diabetes education of people with diabetes in Papua New Guinea.


The Association has conducted various screening days, as well as media awareness, in partnership with HOPE worldwide (PNG), National Capital District Health Authority, National Department of Health and other corporate houses.

Message from the President

Papua New Guinea is seeing high number of lifestyle disease, including Diabetes, but lacks the ability to manage and document it.
The socio-economical challenges including COVID-19 and volatile political environment has reversed a lot of the efforts made by the association especially in the nation’s capital.
We are in a phase of restructuring and hopefully settle into our normal roles of awareness, education and advocacy.