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The Chronic Care Center is a non-governmental, non-profit organization striving to lead specialized care for insulin-dependent diabetic and Thalassemic children by providing excellent, comprehensive, and accessible services and research for Lebanon and the region.
Founded in 1992 to answer to the urgent needs expressed by the medical community and the patients' families, it was officially inaugurated in June 1994.

Main Focus

The Center aims at maximizing quality of health care and social support to children affected by Type 1 Diabetes . Through its multi-disciplinary team of doctors and experts, the Center ensures an optimal therapeutic control and a medical follow-up to its patients. The Center also helps families to understand the diseases, and consequently, assume their share of responsibility. It is the only specialized center for Type 1 Diabetes in Lebanon.
The Center also aims at contributing in building up healthy generations through working to prevent the disease and increasing awareness among the general population.


The Chronic Care Center offers Diabetics a multidisciplinary approach through a team of specialized doctors, nurse educators, social workers and psychologist. The patient education and his psycho-social orientations provide the main link between proper medical treatment and regular ongoing follow ups. This approach secures the supervision of both the patient and his family. It also successfully helps them accept the disease and manage it in a healthy and positive way.

  • Patients receive comprehensive medical and psychosocial follow-up (including consultations, diagnostic services as well as subsidized, almost free of charge medication and supplies. A 24h hotline is available for patient assistance.
  • The thorough follow up reflects on the good level of HBA1C and the low level of complications.
  • The social Service organizes many recreational activities for patients including yearly summer camps.
  • The Parents committee and youth club offer patients and families a platform of exchange and organization for important projects.
  • Periodic Awareness Sessions are also organized in schools.

2013 activities included:

  • Comprehensive Care to Type 1 Diabetics: the Center provided comprehensive care to more than 1300 diabetics including medical, psycho- social follow-up and offered medication and material needed for their treatment.
  • Summer camp 2013: a summer camp was organized for 30 diabetics ( 10-12 years old)under the supervision of the chronic care center team
  • Participation in international research studies
    TEENS study : glycemic control and quality of life in children, adolescents and young adults with type-1diabetes mellitus described in a world-wide cross-sectional study in 2012/2013: Impact ofage-patient-related, treatment-related, behaviour and structure of care-related variables

Since 1994, the Center celebrates World Diabetes Day according to the theme specified by the International Diabetes Federation.

  • Wall painting on a major road with the participation of Diabetics, students and general population
  • Participation in the Conference organized by the Medical Lebanese Society for Endocrinology
  • Participation in the Awareness Day organized by the National Committee on Diabetes – Collaboration with IDF member in Lebanon
  • Participation in a National free screening campaign for Diabetes in Pharmacist
  • Lighting the Chronic Care Center in Blue
  • Blue Friday Initiative at the Center
  • TV and radio sessions to promote Diabetes Day
  • Dancing sessions, martial arts sessions for diabetics
  • Several awareness sessions for students
  • Several Recreational Activities for diabetics

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