• Diabetes On Rise Among Urban Poor In India, Shows Global Study

    September 09 2017

    Diabetes in India is becoming common among people belonging to lower socioeconomic groups living in urban regions of the more developed states.

    A study deals with poor people living in the urban areas of India’s affluent states. They are more prone to diabetes than those who are in the states socially and economically better off.

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  • Report indicates 1 in 3 young people in India suffer from lifestyle diseases

    April 04 2017

    One in three or 33 per cent of Indians over 30 years of age are suffering from one or more lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure, thyroid and cancer, a report has revealed.

    GOQii -- a California-based virtual fitness coaching platform -- in its 'GOQii India Fit' 2017 report showed that nearly 9.4 per cent people are suffering from high cholesterol followed by 7.7 per cent suffering from diabetes and 6.76 per cent suffering from thyroid.

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