A Year in Life with Diabetes

Cohort: 2018-2019

 This project is no longer ongoing

Weronika Kowalska – Poland

This project was given the second position of the YLD Prize Programme 2019, which awards the three best projects developed during a YLD term. 

A Year living with Diabetes aims to reach out to, and support the Polish diabetes community active online. The initiative is an online video campaign, comprised of three programmes on Weronika’s YouTube channel: “Daily Vlogs” – about her life with diabetes (365 days), “Two Sides of Diabetes” – interviews with people who are connected to diabetes in various ways and a programme of educational diabetes materials. During this one-year period Weronika wants to raise awareness of diabetes by showing how the life of a person with diabetes looks like, share valuable stories and perspectives on diabetes, and provide some basic education across a range of diabetes topics.

Weronika has already prepared some vlogs about places in Warsaw which offer healthy sweets to eat. During summer 2018, she published interviews on how to become a diabetologist as well as on siblings of people living with diabetes, organised workshops and meetings with bloggers and vloggers to discuss diabetes, etc. In October 2018, she launched a new series on her Youtube Channel: Sweet DIY Series, dedicated to “do-it-yourself” workshops in relation to diabetes.

In February 2019, Weronika published an interview for “Two Sides of Diabetes Series” with Dr. N. Med Katarzyna Dżygało, one of the Polish leaders of the international diabetes project POInT (Primary Oral Insulin Trial) conducted by GPPAD (Global Platform for the Prevention of Autoimmune Diabetes). She also shared a vlog on her 24th diaversary, and the 3rd episode of the DIY series: how to decorate sensors.

In March 2019, she started a new series, “Diabetes with a piece of humor”, which features parody videos about life with diabetes. Weronika already released two videos: one about the insulin pump, and the other about youtube challenges and diabetes. At the end of March, she started planning new interviews and published the 1st episode of the new series “Facts about Diabetes”, in which she shares interesting facts about the pancreas and pancreatic islets. In April, she published another episode of “Diabetes with a piece of humor” on the occasion of April Fool’s Day.

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