Blue Diamond

Cohort: 2018-2019

This project is no longer ongoing

Chanut Mongkolthunmakul – Thailand

The Blue Diamond project mainly focused on raising diabetes awareness. Various events took place and an online platform was set up. There was an online diabetes talk session, which provided proper education about diabetes. Some support for the project were provided by the local diabetes group (“Thai diabetes children and adolescents support club”). Chanut and his association also planned to expand their initiative with Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia.

As the coordinator of the support group, Chanut raised awareness among adolescents with the aim of reducing discrimination and bullying for children with type 1 diabetes in Bangkok and other regions. The project also aimed to ensure improved acceptance in schools and in sports team and develop peer support for young people with type 1 diabetes from neighbouring countries (e.g. Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia).

Chanut has met with a doctor and people with T1D to discuss the main gaps in diabetes support. He has also shot a short film to raise awareness about diabetes in Thailand, which was released to the public in the following months.

Chanut has decided to use social media as a way of reaching more people in his awareness campaign, and to organise monthly lectures about diabetes-related topics, via live videos where everyone can interact, ask questions and engage in lively debates.