Diabetes course and camps

Cohort: 2018-2019

This project is no longer ongoing

Ahmed El Sabawy – Egypt

The first part of Ahmed’s project is an educational programme created for General practitioners (GPs) as part of the Arabic Association for the Study of Diabetes and Metalism (AASD). Ahmed’s plan is to draft educational courses for GPs to educate them on the main issues of diabetes and how to address them. Ahmed has conducted three education workshops in September 2018, all dedicated to diabetes and addressed to general practitioners. the maximum number of attendees was of 87 general practitioners: a huge success for Ahmed.

The second part of Ahmed’s project is diabetes camps for teenagers living with type 1 diabetes. Ahmed is still in the planning part: he wishes to create a series of one day diabetes camps in one of the gardens of Cairo. Teenagers attending will be placed in different groups according to their age. The activities included educational sessions with the support of flyers, glucose monitoring sessions and some other games to educate teenagers on the key aspects of living with type 1 diabetes.