Diabetes Education for Teachers (DE4T)

Cohort: 2022-2024
Nannapat Sutthipongkiart's portrait

Project Contributor

In Thailand, students with type 1 diabetes face challenges at school, including difficulties with blood sugar control, managing their diabetes and exclusion from school activities. To address these challenges, Diabetes Education for Teachers (DE4T) collaborates with doctors and medical students from Chulalongkorn University to provide essential diabetes education and support to teachers in Bangkok. 

DE4T conducts surveys to identify teachers’ specific needs and challenges in caring for diabetic students. Based on the survey findings, DE4T organises workshops to equip teachers with the knowledge and skills needed for understanding and managing type 1 diabetes. These workshops focus on diabetes management, recognising high and low blood sugar symptoms, and creating a supportive classroom environment. 

DE4T recognises the critical role of teachers in students’ lives. It ensures they have the necessary resources and knowledge to provide appropriate support, fostering a safe learning environment.