Diabetes Movements for Youths

Cohort: 2018-2019

This project is no longer ongoing

Oprah Kosuowei – Nigeria

The Diabetes Movement for Youths is a platform for a range of diabetes-related activities for children, teens and youths living with diabetes. This project puts them through educational programmes aimed at enhancing their managerial skills, and physiotherapeutic activities to strengthen and boost them emotionally and physically.

In April/May 2018, Oprah conducted fundraising activities which mostly focused on finding sponsors for her project, such as individuals and companies, in particular pharmaceutical ones. Through finding sponsors, Oprah whishes to increase legitimacy and trustworthiness around her project.

In May/August, Oprah organised free screening programmes in target communities and educational institutions. She covered approximately 80% of the areas she targeted. Oprah also took part in public health talks and educational talks in schools to raise awareness about diabetes.

In June/September took place the Leadership Training. The activity involved young people living with diabetes and encouraged them to become advocates and leaders in diabetes. Participants were aged 15/25 years old and showed motivation and dedication in the tasks they were given.

The month of October was dedicated to planning and adversiting the camps. One will take place in the north of Nigeria, in the Bauchi state and the other in the south of the country, in the Rivers state. Oprah expects about 20 participants for each camp.

In November, and to celebrate World Diabetes Day, Oprah organised a diabetes camp. In December was carried out an indoor leadership training with other volunteers. During this session, they discussed new plans for 2019, how to implement them and how to make sure that they have a positive impact for young people living with diabetes and for the project.