Cohort: 2018-2019

This project is no longer ongoing

Rebecca Barlow-Noone – UK

DiaTravellers was an online platform enabling people with diabetes to meet others with the same condition across Europe. Users were able to connect with hosts in a desired location to either couch surf, learn about local diabetes events or simply to meet over a coffee – whatever services hosts were willing or able to provide in their home country.

DiaTravellers was a project undertaken within IDF Europe’s YOURAH group. DiaTravellers was a working group consisting of five members of YOURAH: Javir Pall, Jelisaveta Fotic, Bartholomew Valothomelos, Ewout Gubbels and Rebecca Barlow-Noone.

The project aimed to create a space where travelling is made easier and safer for people with diabetes by being connected to a local member, as well as allowing members to make international friends!

During 2018, Rebecca created a comprehensive budget plan based on research of costs for website maintenance, legal advice, and graphic designers. She developed the brand identity and also worked on creating an official website for the project to create more online visibility and to make it more accessible to interested people. The website was launched in September 2018 and has since been advertised through social media and more classic media channels such as TV and radio.