La Celeste d'Uruguay

Cohort: 2018-2019

This project is no longer ongoing

Bruno Carattini – Uruguay

The project La Celeste d’Uruguay aims to create awareness fo diabetes among all citizens in Uruguay. The project is an awareness campaign in which the importance of preventing diabetes and its complications is highlighted. It seeks to include not only people affected directly by diabetes but the entire population to improve health care and access to better treatments. The objective is to ensure that sustainable access to adequate treament is available to the entire population. This will be achieved through working across a variety of stakeholders including other civil associations, universities, the private sector, and first and foremost, the government.

In July, Bruno reached out to many stakeholders and organisations interested in joining his awareness campaign during World Diabetes Day and the rest of the month. In August, he focused on the visibility of his cause by creating and diffusing key messages in traditional and social media with the help of local celebrities and community leaders. Bruno also worked around IDF’s focus for 2018’s WDD: Diabetes and Family. He organised the shooting of a video dedicated to awareness of diabetes and promoting healthy habits. The video presents everyday activities that a family takes part in such as breakfast or grocery shopping.

In September, Bruno took part in a call for action. He peacefully gathered people in front of the national Health Ministry’s building to ask for improved access to diabetes care. By catching medias’ attention, he hopes to get politicians’ attention that would help improve heathcare access policies, especially regarding NCDs and diabetes.