Nursing League in Diabetes Care

Cohort: 2018-2019
Lucas Xavier de Oliveira's portrait

Project Contributor

This project is no longer ongoing

The Nursing League In Diabetes Care (LEAD in portuguese) of the University of São Paulo School of Nursing (EEUSP in portuguese) is a non-profit association of nursing students whose purpose is to provide learning experiences about the healthcare of people living with diabetes by approaching HCPs and by inserting students in clinical settings.

The project aims at disseminating relevant practical and theoretical information regarding nursing in diabetes care and education. The League was officially created on April 5, 2018, when it got recognised within the university. On November 28, the inauguration was held with the inaugural class on epidemiology, pathophysiology, as well as health clinics and treatment of diabetes.

During the school year, the league divides its activities in different categories: specific diabetes topics for the nursing area, practical internships, and recreational activities on diabetes education. The main event is the Introductory Course on diabetes. Its aim is to cover a large audience and to provide participants with intensive content. Through tests, it will also help with the selection of the next members of the League.

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