Peer to peer education project

Cohort: 2019-2022

This project is no longer ongoing

George Kwayu – Tanzania

Children and young people with type 1 diabetes in Tanzania face major challenges at home, school and in society. Although healthcare professionals are fully committed to diabetes care, they lack time and resources. Therefore peer-to-peer counsellors need training to assist healthcare professionals. The first counselling centre was established at Muhimbili National Hospital, DSM. A senior training counsellor, selected from the medical profession, and two type 1 diabetes leaders facilitated a two-week training session for 12 peer-to-peer leaders. They now support healthcare professionals in three additional clinics throughout the city. We aim to establish counselling centres in all 37 types 1 diabetes clinics with trained peer-to-peer counsellors. A multi-channel media campaign is planned with social media, television interviews, newspaper articles and a short video.