Project SEA

Cohort: 2018-2019

This project is no longer ongoing

Johanah Joyce Co – Philippines

Project SEA stands for Philippines’ Type 1 Support group, Education and Awareness activity. Its objective was to create support groups to encourage people with diabetes to help one another by providing a forum to express their struggles, hopes and needs. The groups also helped people increase their awareness of diabetes, share information and learn from each other, for example by discussing diabetes management guidelines and best practices. Other activities included individual sessions or one-on-one counseling and coaching sessions.

During the summer, several activities and group meet-ups were organised for many different purposes: to discuss best practises in diabetes management for adults living with type 1 diabetes, to support members going through difficult times, to get feedback and talk about the use of insulin pumps, etc.



Another part of the project is to write an update for every issue of Philippines’ diabetes magazine “Diabetes Watch”, a hard copy magazine which hopes to have an online platform in the near future.

She had the opportunity to write about type 1 diabetes in the Philippines and about her involvment in the YLD project on the official website of Beyond Type 1, a non-profit organisation who funds advocacy, education and cure research for diabetes. Read her article here.

On the occasion of 2018 World Diabetes Day, Johanah participed in the activities organised by her Diabetes Association Diabetes Philippines, where she was able to provide support to people living with type 1 diabetes and encourage them in their projects. In late November 2018, she also shared her journey living with diabetes to new employees of a CGM manufacturing company.

In December 2018, Johanah supported the Sweetmoms, a support group of mothers of children with T1D, in the planning and the sponsoring of their Christmas Party. She also participated in the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation’s Christmas Party and another one organised by Rainbow Camp Foundation, the leader in diabetes camp education in the Philippines.

From January to March 2019, Johanah was able to secure sponsored meters and strips and to distribute them to people living with type 1 diabetes. She was very thrilled to see that these actions brought smiles and relief to many oeople. She is hoping to continue in this path.