Cohort: 2019-2022

This project is no longer ongoing

Bilguissa Baldé – Guinea

Stigmatisation is a common social occurrence involving discriminating against individuals or groups. Considering this, my initiative against stigma seeks to reduce the prevalence of diabetes and its associated stigma within my community. The primary focus is on educating and raising awareness among people living with diabetes as well as those who are at risk in Guinea. By doing so, we aim to alleviate the negative perceptions surrounding diabetes and promote understanding. 

With my team and the support of the Guinean diabetes association, Association Guinéenne d’Education et d’Aide aux Diabétiques, and the Ministry of Health, We conducted a total of 50 training sessions, with each session consisting of 8 to 10 participants. In Guinea, we had the participation of 55 people, while an additional group of 14 people from Conakry also joined us. Among the participants were 30 young people living with diabetes (YLDs).  

In October 2020, we organised a conference debate in Conakry focused on combating the stigmatisation young people with diabetes face. The event brought together various stakeholders, including representatives from the ministry, universities, healthcare professionals from civil society organisations, and parents of children with diabetes. As a result of this productive discussion, we published a book featuring firsthand accounts shared by some participants with personal experience as either people living with diabetes or parents raising children with the condition. 

Through our outreach efforts in November 2019, we successfully referred and guided thirteen people diagnosed with diabetes to appropriate follow-up treatment centres for their ongoing care and diabetes management. 

Furthermore, we actively raised awareness through four advocacy sessions at RadioTélévision de Guinée-RTG, Guinea’s national radio and television station. 

Additionally, thanks to our collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Innovation department, team members advocated for eight high school graduates living with diabetes. This resulted in these graduates being directed towards universities located nearest to healthcare facilities that can deliver them the necessary support. 

Overall, we provide comprehensive education and support for those affected by diabetes while advocating for greater awareness about this condition.  

On 14 November 2021, we published Vécu et résilence des enfants diabétiques en Guinée recounting the experiences of 25 children living with diabetes in Guinea.