Sugar Free Empowerment

Cohort: 2018-2019

This project is no longer ongoing

Diana Caro – Colombia

Diana believes that education is a key aspect of diabetes advocacy and that people living with diabetes have the right to learn how to treat themselves properly. In order for them to reach this goal, they need to know about all the issues surrounding diabetes treatment such as therapeutic demand, proper management, new technologies, family support, etc. To her, it is also crucial to educate healthcare professionals because understanding the patients and their emotions is a big part of treatment.

She planned different activities such as workshops, trainings, meetings and educational talks; all of them focused on self management and prevention of complications. In June and July 2018, she carried out workshops for people living with diabetes and for carers. She also helped organising a support group meeting for young people living with diabetes.



Workshop and support group meeting

On September 29th, she held a meeting of the support group for young people with diabetes. Those meetings were created to give children with type 1 diabetes the opportunity to talk about their issues, find answers to their questions and feel more confident and empowered.

On October 27th, Diana organised a Halloween celebration called “Magic Day”. This event was open to all children from the Colombian Diabetes Association. Diana and her team showed the participants that they could enjoy Halloween responsibly and keep their blood sugar level stable.