Supporting 1 Another

Cohort: 2018-2019

This project is no longer ongoing

Rachel Portelli – Malta

Most people think of diabetes as a physical condition, but the mental aspects of living with diabetes are often forgotten. Supporting 1 Another is a new project that will be implemented across the Maltese Islands to support people and families living with type 1 diabetes as well as raise awareness of diabetes within the Maltese and Gozitan societies. The project started with an online platform. It included information and stories, as well as a chat where people going through difficult times can share their stories anonymously. The project addresses the society’s need for information, which will help all individuals and their families experiencing life with diabetes.

Rachel has started receiving stories and content and has shared them on her social media accounts. She has added different categories to the website to include personal stories, articles, photos and even a chat. She also collaborated with a Maltese jewellery designer to create medical alert jewellery and she took part in an event which aimed at bringing people living with diabetes to dance to motivating songs.

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