We are the ONEs

Cohort: 2018-2019

This project is no longer ongoing

Youngji Kim – South Korea

Youngji meets her type 1 diabetes community monthly to share experiences on devices, medication and technology for diabetes care. Their primary goal is to help other people with diabetes who do not currently benefit from the latest therapy and technology.

In June 2018, Youngji discussed site rotation for both multiple daily dose insulin injections (MDI) and continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) users, so they can prevent liphypertrophy. During the July-September 2018 period, Youngji organised several workshops to raise awareness about diabetes care. For instance, she discussed insulin, skincare products, the different types of medical devices available in the country, their advantages and downsides.

In 2019, she planned on developing a workout programme, led by a professional coach to encourage healthy lifestyles, to strengthen human bonds between members and to foster a feeling of belonging.