Policy brief

Tobacco and diabetes knowledge summary

A brief, jointly developed by WHO, the International Diabetes Federation and the University of Newcastle, that summarises the association between tobacco use and diabetes and describes the effectiveness of interventions to reduce tobacco use and tobacco-related complications.
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Position statement

International Charter of Rights and Responsibilities of People with Diabetes

Published in 2011, this is the first ever Charter setting out the fundamental rights of people living with diabetes. The document places the rights of people with diabetes, their parents and carers into three focus areas; the rights to care; information and education and social justice, whilst at the same time acknowledging the responsibilities held by people with diabetes.
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IDF diabetes advocacy toolkit UN High Level Meeting on NCDs 2018

This toolkit for IDF members provides information and tools to successfully engage with national policymakers to demand stronger action on diabetes on the road to the UN High Level Meeting on NCDs 2018.
Advocacy toolkit to the UN HLM 2018 pdf 7MB
Policy brief

Integrating Diabetes Evidence into Practice

This publication of the IDF Europe Region identifies the local and European-wide challenges of implementing diabetes evidence into practice and makes recommendations based on the findings.
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Policy brief

Perspectives of people living with diabetes

In December 2016, IDF held a consultation with the Blue Circle Voices (BCV) network to establish the priorities of the network. The main issues identified by BCV members were access and affordability of medicines, devices and medical care; education; prevention and discrimination. This document presents the four priorities with an IDF call to action to governments to improve them.
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Policy brief

IDF policy recommendations to improve diabetes care

On the occasion of the BRICS Leaders Summit in China, 3-5 September 2017, IDF worked with its Members and BCV members in Brazil, South Africa and Russia to develop policy recommendations to improve access to diabetes care in their countries.
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