Breaking barriers for better access to diabetes care

Report of the IDF side event to the 76th World Health Assembly held on 23 May, 2023 in Geneva.
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IDF Response to the 3rd UN HLM on NCDs Political Declaration

The Third UN High Level Meeting (HLM) on NCDs took place on September 27, 2018, in New York. Although IDF welcomed several aspects of the Political Declaration, it also regretted some notable omissions. This report provides a detailed response to the Political Declaration.
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Highlights of the second BCV consultation

In June 2017, IDF held a second consultation with members of the IDF Blue Circle Voices network, focusing on barriers to access to diabetes care, medicines and supplies. Some 70 participants from across the world responded to the survey, identifying affordability as the main barrier.
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Global survey on Access to Medicines and Supplies for People with Diabetes

In 2016, IDF conducted a global survey on the perspective of people with diabetes and health professionals on access to medicines and supplies for people with diabetes. The report of the findings introduces diabetes and related medicines; provides the perspectives of people with diabetes and health professionals around the world on the availability, access and prices of medicines and supplies; and outlines public health policy solutions.
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Highlights of the first BCV consultation

In December 2016, IDF held a consultation with the Blue Circle Voices network with the objective of establishing the priorities of the network. Some 82 participants from 43 different countries responded to the survey. The main issues identified by members was access and affordability of medicines, devices and medical care, followed by education, prevention and discrimination.
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