General assembly

Last update: 13/03/2017

The General Assembly is IDF's general guiding body. It normally meets every two years at the same time as the World Diabetes Congress, unless a special meeting is convened by the IDF President or the General Assembly itself.

The General Assembly determines the policies and activities of IDF and has the power to:

  • admit and terminate the Members of IDF; 
  • elect (from the potential candidates put forward by the Nominating Committee) and terminate the Board of Directors members ;
  • approve the election of Regional Chairs and Regional Chairs-Elect;
  • elect the Nominating Committee;
  • approve the changes to the Articles of Association and to the Standard Operating Procedures;
  • approve the budget and annual audited accounts;
  • appoint and terminate the auditors;
  • decide upon dissolution and liquidation of IDF.

The General Assembly is composed of the following persons, who are referred to as "Members of the General Assembly":

  • the members of the Board of Directors (President, President-Elect, Vice-Presidents and Regional Chairs)
  • Delegates of each Member

Observers, who have no voting rights, are invited to attend the General Assembly (for example, Honorary Presidents, Provisional Members or Committee Chairs).

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