Are you ready to make a difference? Join the BCV community and become an advocate for diabetes awareness and prevention!

Our advocates include people with diabetes and caregivers of people with diabetes. We share a common goal: to improve the lives of those living with diabetes and prevent the condition in those at risk. Let’s work towards a healthier future for all!

BCV advocates are either:

  • People living with diabetes: type 1, type 2, gestational (or history of GDM) or other types of diabetes
  • A carer for a person with diabetes: for example, a family member or close friend

All BCV advocates:

  • Share the mission of IDF to “Improve the lives of people living with diabetes and prevent diabetes in those at risk.”
  • Are able and available to communicate by email in English, French or Spanish.
  • Are available to participate in online consultations within five working days
  • Share their story to be featured on the IDF website
  • Promote IDF activities at the national, regional or global level

Our  leaflets below in  English, French and Spanish will give you more details on how to become a BCV advocate.

If you qualify and are interested in joining the network, contact [email protected].