Epidemiology of type 1 diabetes in the IDF Western Pacific Region

10 January 2024

A systematic review related to the incidence of type 1 diabetes (T1D) in the IDF Western Pacific region has been published in the IDF official journal Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice.

The review and meta-analysis looked at the incidence of type 1 diabetes where data were available and trends over time. It was led by Professor Linong Ji and funded by a grant from IDF EMCR researchers Dr Wang, Hou, Wang and Sun, with the contribution of senior researchers and past and present IDF Executive Council members Professors Kadowaki, Lee, Jenkins and Li.

Based on 45 publications, T1D incidence in 11 WPR countries varied widely, ranging from 0.9 (95 % confidence intervals (CI), 0.6-1.3) in Fiji to 23.2 (95 % CI, 21.3-25.2) in Australia. The mean annual increase over time ranged from 2.8 % in Australia (1990-2002) to 14.2 % in Shanghai (1997-2011). T1D incidence is increasing over time, the greatest increase being in China (2.7-fold over 30-years), followed by Thailand (2-fold over 15-years).

The results will help improve understanding of regional T1D incidence and inform future research and healthcare strategies.

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