Taiwan and Kenya join iCaReMe registry and Centre of Excellence project

05 October 2023

The Diabetes Association of the Republic of China, Taiwan, an IDF Member, entered an MoU on 28 September with the CaReMe Global Alliance. The collaboration intends to develop 12 Centres of Excellence in Taiwan to transform care for people with diabetes-related complications such as CVD, CKD and metabolic conditions. 

Similarly, the M.P. Shah Medical Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya, joined the CaReMe global alliance on 2 October. 

The expected outcome of this project is an end-to-end Cardio-Renal-Metabolic (CaReMe) Disease Management Model. Instead of addressing conditions or risk factors separately, the CaReMe clinics model will use a holistic approach to treating type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular and renal complications, and other risk factors. It will provide a team-based, comprehensive care approach tailored to the needs of the person with diabetes. 

The project is part of an ongoing collaboration between IDF and AstraZeneca that aims to educate healthcare professionals on early diagnosis of cardio-renal complications in type 2 diabetes and appropriate interventions; and improve awareness of the risks and consequences of cardio-renal complications among people with type 2 diabetes. 

Expanding the Centres of Excellence in Taiwan and Kenya is a decisive step in achieving our joint goal of improving health outcomes for people living with diabetes. 

Learn more about the IDF Type 2 Diabetes and Cardio-Renal Complications programme. 

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