IDF statement on the crisis in Sudan

02 May 2023

The International Diabetes Federation is deeply concerned about the ongoing situation facing people living with diabetes and other chronic conditions in Sudan and the risks to the healthcare professionals supporting their care.

We have received reports that corroborate the devastating stories appearing in the media. Khartoum remains under bombardment by the two opposing military factions. As a consequence, many of the people from the capital have had to flee, either moving abroad or to other parts of the country. More than 70% of health facilities are now out of service and medical supplies in the country, including insulin and other essential medicines for people living with diabetes, are reported to be running low and may not last for more than a month.

Direct Relief and Life for a Child were able to provide the Sudanese Childhood Diabetes Association with insulin and insulin pens in Khartoum in late March. However, since then the situation has worsened. The United Nations were forced to close their operations in Sudan after three staff members from the World Food Programme were killed and UN Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS) aircraft were attacked at the main airport. IDF has been informed that it is not possible to transport new supplies into Sudan at the current time.

IDF is alarmed by reports of the widespread looting of the offices of humanitarian agencies and of the depletion of medical supplies. We condemn the senseless violence and demand that, where possible, healthcare facilities remain operational, that supplies of essential medicines are not disrupted and that people living with diabetes and other NCDs are kept out of harm’s way. Their continued care must be safeguarded as a priority.

IDF is in contact with its partners to investigate what can be done to help mobilise humanitarian support.

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