Mobilising humanitarian support for Sudanese people living with diabetes

04 July 2023

The conflict in Sudan that broke out on 15 April between paramilitary forces and the country’s army is estimated to have displaced 2.5 million people inside and outside of Sudan and left 24.7 million – more than half the population – in need of humanitarian assistance.

The World Health Organization has reported that approximately 60% of healthcare facilities are no longer functioning due to depleted supplies and a shortage of medical staff. Logistical challenges have made it difficult to transport supplies into the country and the looting of humanitarian agency offices further compound difficulties in providing comprehensive assistance.

This has created an alarming situation for people living with diabetes in Sudan as well as those displaced to neighbouring countries. Essential medicines such as insulin, insulin delivery devices, blood glucose monitoring equipment, and oral diabetes tablets have become scarce or unaffordable, putting the lives of people with diabetes at risk.

Figures from the 10th edition of the IDF Diabetes Atlas estimate that 3.5 million people live with diabetes in Sudan. Without timely intervention and support, the consequences can be severe, leading to serious complications and even loss of life.

IDF has joined Direct Relief and its local partners to provide humanitarian aid to people living with diabetes in Sudan and Sudanese refugees in neighbouring countries. This collaboration addresses the urgent need for essential diabetes medicines and supplies, ensuring that people affected by diabetes can continue to manage their condition despite the challenging circumstances.

IDF and Direct Relief invite the global diabetes community to support the emergency response by making a financial donation, all proceeds of which will support Sudanese people living with diabetes.

Image credit: Direct Relief

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