Highlights of the first BCV consultation

In December 2016, IDF held a consultation with the Blue Circle Voices network with the objective of establishing the priorities of the network. Some 82 participants from 43 different countries responded to the survey. The main issues identified by members was access and affordability of medicines, devices and medical care, followed by education, prevention and discrimination.
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Position statement

International Charter of Rights and Responsibilities of People with Diabetes

Published in 2011, this is the first ever Charter setting out the fundamental rights of people living with diabetes. The document places the rights of people with diabetes, their parents and carers into three focus areas; the rights to care; information and education and social justice, whilst at the same time acknowledging the responsibilities held by people with diabetes.
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Policy brief

Diabetes and Climate Change Report

Published in 2012, this report outlines the interconnections between climate change and diabetes, establishes the co-benefits of combating two global risks in an integrated policy agenda, and informs the global discussion on health and sustainable development.
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A Guide to National Diabetes Programmes

Published in 2010, this guide builds on the 2003 NDP Toolbox and sets out considerations and source material for developing and implementing national diabetes programmes.
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