IDF Diabetes Atlas 10th Edition 2021

The IDF Diabetes Atlas 10th edition provides detailed information on the estimated and projected prevalence of diabetes, globally, by region, country and territory, for 2021, 2030 and 2045.
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iCaReMe registry tool: RWE Box

The RWE (Real World Evidence) Box is the iCaReMe registry data capture, management and analytics tool. It enables clinical, medical and real-world evidence research.
RWE Box Introduction 2021 (1) pdf 4MB

Diabetes among Indigenous Peoples: A disproportionate impact

An infographic on diabetes among Indigenous Peoples highlighting that diabetes is one of the most common conditions that disproportionately impacts Indigenous Peoples worldwide.
Atlas Indigenous Peoples Infographic final pdf 335KB

Diabetes-related foot complications: understanding the global impact

An infographic illustrating the global impact of diabetes-related foot complications and highlighting that standardized and structured diabetes foot care is effective. However, in many countries, these complications remain the most common, costly, and serious issues for people with diabetes.
Atlas Diabetic Foot Infographic final pdf 330KB

Diabetes among indigenous peoples

This IDF Diabetes Atlas Report provides a summary of the prevalence of type 2 diabetes among indigenous peoples across all age groups.
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Diabetes and COVID-19

A systematic review of the likelihood of adverse COVID-19 outcomes in relation to glycaemic control, blood glucose levels on admission to hospital, and diabetes subtype.
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Diabetes-related foot complications

This IDF Diabetes Atlas Report looks at the prevalence of diabetes-foot related complications around the world and makes recommendations to support future research.
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Type 1 diabetes estimates in children and adults

This IDF Diabetes Atlas report provides an overview of the methodology and findings of the Type 1 Diabetes Index and dispels misconceptions that type 1 diabetes primarily impacts children and youth.
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Type 1 diabetes: a condition that impacts all ages

An infographic highlighting the rising prevalence of type 1 diabetes across the world and the importance of ensuring regular and affordable access to care to manage the condition.
IDF Atlas T1D infographic pdf 1MB

Diabetes and Covid-19: the risks of poor blood glucose control

An infographic highlighting the increased vulnerability of people living with diabetes to the severe outcomes of Covid-19 when blood glucose is not well-controlled.
IDF Atlas COVID Infographic-Final pdf 549KB

iCaReMe registry: CRF completion guideline

This guideline explains step-by-step how to use the iCaReMe electronic case report forms (CRF), which gives real-world data for healthcare professionals on patient management and quality of care.
CRF Completion Guideline pdf 6MB

Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease Report

Published in 2016, this report presents a clear summary of the problem of measuring cardiovascular disease in people with diabetes, as well as real-world solutions. It aims to facilitate evidenced-based decision making and encourage collaboration between different sectors.
attachments-39.pdf pdf 22MB

iCaReMe registry: gaps in early diagnosis

Take CaReofMe is a subset of the iCaReMe registry. It is an initial study on the gaps in early diagnosis of cardiorenal complications among people with type 2 diabetes from six countries.
Take CaRe of Me Programme pdf 712KB

iCaReMe registry study outcomes

These posters from 2021 - 2023 present data findings from the iCaReMe study.
TakeCaReofMe Posters 2021-2023 pdf 4MB

DISCOVER Global Registry (DGR)

The iCaReMe registry is the continuation of the DISCOVER Global Registry (DGR) with an expansion on cardio-renal complications. DGR provides valuable insight into people with type 2 diabetes undergoing treatment in clinical practice. This registry helps to understand the patterns and effects of treatment approaches on cardio-renal-metabolic multimorbidities. It also aims to increase the real-world evidence base established by the DISCOVER study.
iCaReMe DISCOVER Global Registry (DGR) pdf 2MB

Diabetes Eye Health: A guide for health professionals

Guide developed by the International Diabetes Federation and the Fred Hollows Foundation that builds upon the ICO Guidelines for Diabetic Eye Care. This guide encourages and facilitates good diabetes management, early diagnosis and treatment of diabetic eye disease, as well encouraging integration and cooperation across the health system.
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IDF Guide for Diabetes Epidemiology Studies

The IDF Guide for Diabetes Epidemiology Studies has been developed to create standardised epidemiological methods in diabetes studies. It will enable researchers to conduct high-quality studies that generate robust data, thereby providing the information needed to develop evidence-based strategies for improving care and strengthening healthcare systems.
IDF Guide for Diabetes Epidemiology Studies pdf 1MB

Taking Diabetes to Heart Report

Taking Diabetes to Heart was a multi-country study, developed by IDF in partnership with Novo Nordisk, focused on CVD awareness and knowledge among people living with type 2 diabetes. It's aim was to define the actions required to promote knowledge and awareness of CVD to improve health outcomes and address systemic challenges to healthcare systems.
attachments-45.pdf pdf 6MB

Cost-effective solutions for the prevention of type 2 diabetes

Published in 2016, this report provides an overview of the programmes available to tackle the rise of type 2 diabetes. The wide range of options presented and their cost-saving implications give cause for optimism that the current situation can be reversed.
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Diabetic Retinopathy Barometer

The Diabetic Retinopathy Barometer is a study of almost 7,000 adults with diabetes and health care professionals from 41 countries. It highlights the urgent need for clear patient care pathways and robust, responsive health systems around the world to prevent unnecessary vision loss associated with diabetes.
attachments-41.pdf pdf 37MB

Diabetes and kidney disease

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of chronic kidney disease (CKD), with up to 40% of people living with diabetes affected by CKD. This IDF Diabetes Atlas report looks at the relationship between diabetes and kidney disease across the globe and ways to reduce its impact.
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