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The IDF e-library showcases the variety of resources that IDF has available for health professionals, researchers, policy makers, advocates and people living with or affected by diabetes. All publications are available for download and a selection of resources can be purchased.

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Latest resources

  • Taking Diabetes to Heart Report cover

    Taking Diabetes to Heart Report

    Taking Diabetes to Heart is a multi-country study, developed by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) in partnership with Novo Nordisk, focused on CVD awareness and knowledge among people living with type 2 diabetes. The study - the first of its kind in the world - builds on the IDF global report on Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease (2016), which includes recommendations to reduce the burden of CVD among people with diabetes and the general population.

    The aim of Taking Diabetes to Heart is to define the actions that are required to promote knowledge and awareness of cardiovascular disease among people living with type 2 diabetes, to improve their health outcomes and address systemic challenges to healthcare systems.

  • IDF Annual Report 2017 cover

    IDF Annual Report 2017

    In 2017, The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and its partners spoke with authority and delivered action across a wide range of initiatives covering diabetes care and prevention, epidemiology, statistics, health economics, health education and health system reform.

  • KiDS nutrition guide cover

    Educational guide on nutrition and diabetes in schools

    The KiDS and Diabetes in Schools educational guide has been developed as a complimentary resource to the Kids and Diabetes Information Pack, published by the International Diabetes Federation in 2015. This guide is an awareness and information tool created to inform teachers, parents of children with diabetes as well as all parents and children of the important role of nutrition in the management and prevention of diabetes.

  • IDF Policy Recommendations to Improve Diabetes Care

    On the occasion of the BRICS Leaders’ Summit, which took place between 3-5 September 2017 in China, IDF worked with its Members and BCV members in Brazil, South Africa and Russia to develop policy recommendations to improve access to diabetes care in their countries. The recommendations can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

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