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The IDF e-library showcases the variety of resources that IDF has available for health professionals, researchers, policy makers, advocates and people living with or affected by diabetes. All publications are available for download and a selection of resources can be purchased.

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Latest resources

  • IDF Policy Recommendations to Improve Diabetes Care

    On the occasion of the BRICS Leaders’ Summit, which took place between 3-5 September 2017 in China, IDF worked with its Members and BCV members in Brazil, South Africa and Russia to develop policy recommendations to improve access to diabetes care in their countries. The recommendations can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

  • Perspectives of people living with diabetes

    In December 2016, IDF held a consultation with the Blue Circle Voices (BCV) network with the objective of establishing the priorities of the network. The main issue identified by the BCV members was access and affordability of medicines, devices and medical care, followed by education, prevention and finally discrimination. This document presents the four priorities identified, together with an IDF call to action to governments to improve them.

  • Integrating Diabetes Evidence into Practice

    A publication of the IDF Europe Region, Integrating diabetes evidence into practice: challenges and opportunities to bridge the gaps, identifies the local and European-wide challenges of implementing diabetes evidence into practice and makes recommendations based on the findings. Diabetes presents a significant health and economic burden across Europe, affecting 58 million people and costing 145 billion euros per annum. There is an urgent need to identify ways in which implementation of evidence can be improved.

  • IDF diabetes advocacy toolkit on occasion of the UN High Level Meeting on NCDs of 2018

    This toolkit intends to inform all IDF Members of the IDF call to action on the road to the 2018 UN HLM on NCDs, and to provide them with tools to successfully engage with national policymakers to demand stronger action in the years to come, activate the national press to promote the IDF call to action and support the IDF online campaign on the road to the 2018 HLM.

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