Lamin Dibba


Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2003.

Member of YLD since 2013 (YLD Mentor).

I am a Gambian by nationality and a graduate from the University of The Gambia, with a BSc in Development Studies. Looking at diabetes in the first few years when I was newly diagnosed, it was horrible. I hated myself and the society because I was too young with no experience of real life. There are many young people like me around the globe who serve as a family that I never knew of and today I am leading a group of fifty-plus young people living with diabetes in my own locality. I am able to make them feel better in many aspects of life because I serve as a voice to our needs as Type1`s. Making a difference to the lives of those with diabetes is a challenge but, as it is a global problem, I will not leave any stone unturned by making sure that those challenges are overcome through self-empowerment, diabetes education etc.

My project: it deals with self-empowerment, through which I have conducted a lot of educational events for parents and patients, camps and also close monitoring by HBA1c testing every 4 months. The aim is to empower young people with the basic knowledge to manage and control their diabetes wherever they are, give greater access to insulin for all those within my reach and enlighten all Type1`s that they are part of a family and they are not alone in this fight against diabetes.

Watch my interview at YLD 2017 Training Summit in Abu Dhabi here.