The YLD Programme

he IDF Young Leaders in Diabetes (YLD) is a programme initated by IDF in 2011 to create a voice for young people with diabetes worldwide. The programme provides young people with diabetes with continuous education throughout a two-year period to empower them and help them become efficient advocates for themselves and others living with diabetes worldwide.

The YLD Programme has three objectives:

  • Be the key driver in enhancing the lives of young people living with diabetes
  • Raise awareness of all types of diabetes by being a powerful voice for prevention, education, access to quality care, improved quality of life, and to help end discrimination and stigma related to diabetes
  • Support and strengthen IDF, its Regions and Members and build a global people’s movement for diabetes

Currently, the network is composed of 90 members (63 Trainees and 27 Mentors) from a total of 65 countries:



Find out more about the Programme in the YLD FrameworkEnglish - French - Spanish

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