Young Leaders in Diabetes

The YLD Programme

The IDF Young Leaders in Diabetes (YLD) is a programme initated by IDF in 2011 to create a voice for young people with diabetes worldwide. The programme provides young people with diabetes with continuous education throughout a two-year period to empower them and help them become efficient advocates for themselves and others living with diabetes worldwide. The objectives of the YLD Programme are to:

  • Be the key driver in enhancing the lives of young people living with diabetes
  • Raise awareness of all types of diabetes by being a powerful voice for prevention, education, access to quality care, improved quality of life, and to help end discrimination and stigma related to diabetes
  • Support and strengthen IDF, its Regions and Members and build a global people’s movement for diabetes

For the 2018-2019 term, the YLD network is composed of 67 members:

  • 50 YLD Candidates, who joined the YLD Programme in 2017 and will develop a national diabetes project with the support of their national diabetes associations by 2019;
  • 17 YLD Mentors, who joined the YLD Programme in 2015 or before, successfully developed a national diabetes project during their Candidates term, and now advise the YLD Candidates on how to implement their own projects.

To find out more about the YLD Programme, you can read the YLD Framework in:

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